In case your car’s key fob stops functioning, the situation may vary from annoying to dangerous, particularly if your kid or pet is locked from the car. Luckily, there are ways to gain entry to your automobile even if your keyless entry system has you locked out. Here is what to do.

Common Key Fob Issues

Most problems with key fobs fall into a few basic categories, such as:

Dead fob battery Key fobs operate on batteries, so changing the battery may fix the issue.

Weak sign: Whether because of a low battery or a problem with the antenna or wiring, sometimes key fobs send out weak signals. Consider putting the fob right next to the door handle and also hitting on the unlock button.

Defective unlock button: Try pushing the additional buttons on the fob, like the lock button along with the back release. If these buttons operate, the unlock button has worn out and you will need a new fob.

Lost code: Most key fobs use a rolling code which changes each time for safety. Occasionally, a miscommunication between the fob and the automobile locksmith messes up the code. In cases like this, you’ll have to have the fob reprogrammed.

Faulty door locks: like every system which runs on power, power door locks are subject to blown fuses and wiring problems. You might need to have your automobile’s electrical system analyzed.

Dead car battery: if your vehicle battery is dead, then none of the electrically powered systems will operate, for example, door locks.

How to Get Your Vehicle?

when you’ve got a spare key fob that is programmed for that vehicle, see whether it works.

Search for a hidden key within your fob. There may be a small button catch on the rear of your keyless entry system that opens a concealed compartment. If you discovered a hidden key but do not observe a keyhole at the door, look for a little slot at the base of the handle cut the door. Insert the key into the slot and use it to pry the trim from the way, showing the keyhole. We can access your vehicle even if the key fob is not working, in addition to diagnose and fix most key fob difficulties.

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