However, what if you don’t have any way to show that the home you are locked from is yours? Locksmiths are required by law to confirm that you reside at the home you are trying to get. If your ID is inside the home along with your keys, what do you do? Below are some ways that automotive locksmiths check for ownership during a lockout.


Showing identification is the simplest and fastest way to prove that you reside in your property. In case you’ve recently moved along with your driver’s license address does not match the address of your home, most locksmiths will take a part of email like a utility bill that shows your address, together with your photo ID. You may also be able to demonstrate a homeowner’s association ID, school ID, or other photograph evidence with the right address.

Testimony from Others

If you are unable to provide identification, then the locksmith may be willing to accept the term of neighbors at least long enough to get you within your property. Be ready to find your ID as soon as you gain entry, before the locksmith leaves. If you are a tenant, you are able to call your landlord to vouch for you. Since the landlord owns the home, he or she has the lawful ability to grant you access.


In case the locksmith remains unconvinced that the home is yours, then they may choose to call the authorities. Should this happen, remain calm and cooperative. Since locksmiths have a legal obligation not to provide access to someone who does not live on the assumptions, calling the police is a form of shielding themselves. Police officers have the expertise, training, and legal capability to sort out these circumstances, so as long as the residence is yours, you can feel confident that things will quickly be resolved.

Being locked out of your house is never fun. If you don’t have identification with you which demonstrates you live in the home, it could be a little more complicated. But most locksmiths genuinely want to do the right thing, and will help you determine a solution that protects them lawfully while providing you access to your house.

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