Burglary is generally a crime of chance rather than premeditation. There’s not any such thing as an unpick-able lock, so your very best bet for protecting your home is to make it unattractive as possible to thieves. A combination of security attributes is usually advocated, from powerful locks to safety systems. Here are a few common ways that intruders bypass residential locks, and the best way to safeguard against them.

Burglars like it best when they can merely input an unlocked door or window, and this is much more common than you might imagine. You can dramatically beef up your home security by taking a few moments to check all the window and door guards before going to bed or leaving home. Even the very best lock in the world is useless if it isn’t locked.

No Alarm

Burglars hate alarm systems for exactly the exact same reason property owners adore them: they draw focus to the home invasion. With no alarm system, the burglar has time to work on choosing or bumping your residential locks. With an alarm, the burglar is likely to bypass your home rather than risk trying to disable it. The best option is a monitored system that may send the police to your door, but even a basic, low-cost system is much better than nothing.

No Deadbolts

More than 30% of burglars enter through the front entrance, and over 22% go through the rear door. Although it’s important to secure all entry points, just adding high quality deadbolts to your front and rear doors are able to make a dramatic effect on your home security.

Sliding door locks or residential locks are a joke to professional burglars. Install a safety bar, or at least wedge a cheap dowel rod into the path framework, to discourage intruders from penetrating through your sliding door.

The door between your house and your garage is rarely secure. Many builders install hollow interior doors with locks that are affordable, on the assumption your garage door will provide safety. Nevertheless, it is all too easy to inadvertently leave your garage door shut. Not only is it simple for a burglar to walk through the garage and get through the door to the home, but the garage offers great cover to avoid being seen by the neighbors. Invest $50 or less in a garage door timer which will automatically close the door after a specified time period.

Cover of Darkness, or Landscaping

Burglars hate working out in the open, where they may be seen. Large trees and shrubs around your windows and doors enable them to hide out for so long as it takes to skip your residential locks. Either cut back landscaping which obscures your house’s entrance points, or opt for organic deterrents such as sharp, thorny, or spiky plants.

Likewise, make sure that your home isn’t inviting thieves to conceal in the dark. Install motion sensor lighting around all entrance points. A sudden flood of light will ship all but the most determined burglar fleeing for an easier target.

No lock is really unpick-able, and no security system is 100% reliable. Since burglars are opportunistic, however, taking a few straightforward actions to thwart them is frequently enough to make them think twice about damaging your house.

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