Our home must be secure and safe for all of us to have good night sleep and decrease the odds of fracture in. One of the primary ways to secure your personal place is by making use of high security locks to your entry and rear doors.

You may believe that if a thief wants to get inside of your residence, he’ll do so regardless of what type of hardware you have installed, however there is a huge difference between picking a standard lock or complex one with various mechanics which can if not stop the invasion, at least make it extremely tough for a bad man to unlock it and pass through. Yes, it’s time consuming to get it done and, yes, you need an excess budget for this, nevertheless consider the possibility of someone breaking in your property. Wouldn’t it cost even more? Even should you not count things stolen, you likely end up with broken locks, doors and other numerous harms which occur during any break in.

Someone drifting your home while you’re away is half of a problem. What if it happens at night while your family is sleeping? Would you really have peace of mind and unwind in your own house or apartment, if you are aware of the crime rate in the region and that you haven’t kept your security locks as long as you can remember! Keep in mind that if your door is too difficult to unlock, the possible intruder might give up quickly and move on to another victim.

So, what do you need to increase the home security around you and your loved ones? You can just begin with heavy duty door locks, which may be set up in minutes by professionals with the right tools. The locks are advanced since they have proper approach to guard the door from select, drill or bump techniques thieves use to unlock doorways. Replacing your current deadbolt and upgrade to high security level is simple, fast and low cost and will supply you with the correct and enhanced security measures.

High Security Locks advantages are outlined from the listing below:

High Security Locks Are Pick-Proof

One of the benefits of high safety locks for example, by way of instance, Mul-T-Lock along with other well designed brands is it is very tricky to select open it because of telescopic pin mechanism within it, when compared with regular typical deadbolt sold in almost any hardware shop, which can be picked open with in moments with the right tools. Don’t be confused for a moment – that the thieves have them all!

High Security Locks Are Bump- Proof

Average locks have only 5 pin mechanism inside and therefore can be opened with no issue with a bulge technique. Bump keys, incidentally, can be found on eBay for example, so basically anyone can purchase it and bulge open any simple lock. The benefit of high security locks are the pins that are telescopic, therefore they’re bump resistant. It does not mean that thieves cannot unlock it, but it is much more difficult and time consuming compared to the regular day to day lock.

High-Security Locks Give Key Control

The common lock is paired with a simple key can has no duplication restriction, meaning that anybody with the key can waltz to a hardware store or Locksmith Cheap store and ask copy key. Together with the typical key backup machine, there is no problem to duplicate key and make a home key replacement in seconds. High Security locks like Mul-T-Lock, on the comparison, pairs up with restricted key blanks, which aren’t available in the hardware store in the first place, and their routine system cannot function key cutting of the type. Plus, there are some keys that are illegal to copy without proper documentation, and so the shop won’t handle these type of requests.

To summarize most deadbolts, you’re able to find are not bump-proof or pick-resistant, which minimizes your house protection into the lowest possible degree. Our technicians have wide number of High-Security Deadbolts with select and bump resistance features to bring you the degree of security and house security you and your family need.

We are top business to assist you as soon as it comes to high-security deadbolts within our area. Below is the listing of lock manufacturers that are considered reliable in the marketplace.

Door lock testimonials

Protect your home and family with the best door lock or smart lock. Some door locks offer you more security with deadbolt and spring-bolt reinforcement technologies.


August Smart Lock Home Kit Enabled

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Schlage Sense

Poly-Control Dana lock V2 BT

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Yale Real Living Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt…

Lockitron Bolt

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Lock Forms and Styles

If you look at the basics of a lock, then it’s possible to divide all of them into only two categories – deadbolts and lever-style locks.

Deadbolt includes a keyhole or touchpad and needs separate lever to open the doorway.

A lever-style lock gets the lever, the keyhole, and the keypad in one.

Which type is better alternative for replacement? If you want it fast and easy, then regular deadbolt can be replaced super-fast with intelligent deadbolt at the smallest amount of time and cost.

Other Choices for clever locks to match Not Just your security needs but also style and home decor are:


If you do not need a lock with the traditional key, but instead opt for keypad or even both, you can find lots of choices available today to the general public. There’s Yale Real Living Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt, there are other models with only a keypad. The advantage is obvious – you will never be in omg-I-lost-my-key situation. On the flip side, the keypads take tones of distance on your door, burglar can figure out the code, your telephone can run out of battery at the time you get home etc.


Some locks today actually have a built-in alarm, which goes away if anybody tries force on your own lock. This can be pretty helpful, especially in the event that you have neighbors close by who will alert police and also you in case the alert sounds.

Most smart locks don’t have a dedicated app, so in order to use them correctly with your telephone, you’ll need to join to smart home hub like Samsung SmartThings Wink or Amazon Echo plus. Locks that fall into this class include the Schlage Link Touchscreen Deadbolt, and the Kwikset Smart Code 910, 912, 914 and 916 smart locks.

Smart locks that work with Apple Home Kit use Bluetooth to connect to Apple’s smart home system. Those locks have their own smartphone app for iPhones and Android, so even without proper smart house system, you can still control them via your mobile phone.