Sooner or later, Airbnb owners are bound to face difficulties when guests are present. You probably already know how important it’s to have emergency plans in place, but it may not have happened to you to include key problems on your list of contingencies. Here is what you should know about hiring a locksmith for your Airbnb.

Response Stages

It’s always easier to tackle a problem when you break it down into steps. These are the response stages for a key emergency:

Notification of this problem: it’s essential for your Airbnb guests to know how to contact you in any emergency. It is equally essential that you get accustomed to checking for notifications regularly. No guest will leave you a fantastic review if you leave her position out your property for half of the day without being advised about what to do.

Understanding your guest’s needs: Airbnb guests are on vacation, often away from home. They don’t know the area, and they don’t know where to turn for help. As a server, your role is to be more understanding, responsive, and inviting.

Solving the issue immediately: That is where hiring a locksmith on standby can save the day. Locksmiths must make sure that the individual requesting access to a property has the right to be there. If you have a relationship with a local locksmith who understands you conduct an Airbnb, things will proceed far more easily for your guest. If you do not have a locksmith on standby, it is time to get on the telephone and find one fast! However, never sacrifice quality. The experience your guest of hiring a locksmith is ultimately a reflection on you.

If the guest’s stay was interrupted, then financial compensation could be in order. Use your best judgment, putting yourself in your guest’s shoes.

Recapping and future planning: No one sets out to get in a crisis situation. After the problem is resolved, discuss the problem with all the guest. Don’t place blame, but rather try to figure out what happened so which you can prevent it later on.

Common Airbnb Key Issues

Human nature being what it is, Airbnb owners might find themselves addressing exceptionally strange problems today and then. Luckily, though, most key problems fall into only a few groups.

The guest can’t locate the keys: If you rely on conventional keys, there should always be a backup key available in a nearby location, including a neighbor’s house. If the guest cannot locate the keys, double check he is looking in the right place. In that case, then let’s know where to find the backup key and offer to buy drinks at a nearby spot to make up for the inconvenience.

The door doesn’t open: Let your guests know ahead of time if the door has multiple locks, will adhere, or can be otherwise tricky. If you’re notified that the door is not opening, then walk the guest via every step within the phone. Should you use a smart lock with a code, change the code liberally while the guest is on the telephone? If you utilize traditional keys, ask the guest to retrieve and attempt the backup key. If the door doesn’t open, call your trusted locksmith for aid.

Note that many smart locks have conventional key backups. Always leave a conventional key in a secure place in the event of an electronic failure.

The lock is broken: A broken lock puts both your visitors and your property at risk. It would be irrational and potentially harmful to your property to request a guest to try a DIY fix of even a small issue. Be sure to compensate your guest for any inconvenience.

Possessing an Airbnb means providing strangers access to a property. Things can and will fail. The best method to tackle problems that arise would be to create a crisis plan up front and stick with it when a situation occurs. These two simple approaches can address most key-related issues with Airbnb properties.

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